Nothing changes without…


I know, seems a bit simple doesn’t it? But, it’s SO true. So many of us, whether we admit it or not, avoid change. My psychology degree holding husband often teases me that I’m functionally fixed. And he’s right, but not as right as he was 20 years ago! Change is essential to life. Think about it. Without change, without the cells that would become YOU dividing in your mother’s uterus, you wouldn’t be here. If those cells had failed to divide, had failed to specialize into bone cells, or heart cells, or whatever, YOU wouldn’t have been born.

Change is growth. When coaching my AMAZING team of Powerhouse Avon Representatives, I often remind them that we must move from our comfort zone, to our LEARNING zone. Where we learn, we grow. The “we” there is pretty big. Just this week, I tore apart (well, not literally) my laptop that was just over a year old.  The screen had died, so I researched what the problem could be and educated my self with youtube

My first (mini) screwdriver set.

videos, purchased a mini screwdriver set and dove in. After removing the back cover, I checked all of the connections, removed the battery and tried all of the special tricks that might have re-set it.  Nothing worked. As it turned out, because it was a touch screen laptop, it would have cost 3 times what I paid for the laptop to repair it. So, I went shopping, and THIS time, I grew, and I bought the extended warranty. (A BIG change for me…I’m REALLY cheap!) My Sweetie remarked that a year ago, I wouldn’t have dared attempting to disassemble a laptop, and he’s correct. The School of Hard Knocks is teaching me to be assertive and in some cases, fearless.


New Avon LLC, the company I proudly represent, has been a cyclone of change in the last six months, and I am choosing to see the positive results. I’m thankful that our leadership is moving boldly. There must always be a letting go, and sometimes grieving due to change. But, because of the many changes that are being implemented, I have increased earning opportunities. My business is going to grow. I will be better equipped to grow and coach my team. I will have more opportunities to serve my customers, both virtually, and face to face, in my Avon Store.

Empty stores. Just UGLY.

Speaking of my Avon store…Richland Mall (where I am located) is also going through TONS of change. Bath & Body Works, as well as Victoria’s Secret are both ending MAJOR remodeling efforts and will be celebrating Grand Re-Openings in the next few weeks. The snapshot to the right has been the view from my store front for some time. In the next few weeks, a barrier will be installed and construction of a Dick’s Sporting Goods will begin. RIGHT ACROSS from me! 🙂 Just think of all of the people who will happily stumble out of a new store right into my lap!  In fact, there’s a rumor going around that Dick’s negotiated their lease to be across from the AVON store! (Ask me about oceanfront property in AZ) LOL!

Finally, I love popcorn. Fresh, oil popped popcorn (although, I’ve been known to eat leftovers for breakfast). Technically, a hand-full of unpopped popcorn is, well,  popcorn. But it’s not very tasty. Add the OPPORTUNITIES of oil, direct heat, and a little bit of salt, and you’ve changed a handful of hard pellets into a yummilicious treat. My Sweetie gave me a popcorn popper similar to this images (1)for Christmas a couple of years ago. I love it so much! I’m not ashamed to say I clap and squeal and jump up and down when the popcorn GROWS to the volume that is bursts out of the pot! It just makes me happy. The dog thinks I’m crazy, my kids roll their eyes, but the JOYFUL explosion supersedes all of that!

Are you willing to allow the heat of your circumstances to transform you? Choose change, choose growth.  Do you need to create change in your life?  Be bold! Take charge! Want to know more? Contact me using the form below.

Finally, anyone want to guess what’s for supper?





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