“Ain’t No Bugs On Me”

It’s that time again folks! Rain + Warm Weather = bugs. Specifically, the kind that bite. With the increase in mosquito borne illnesses like West Nile Virus and Zika, it is even more important to protect yourself and those you love.

I live in Texas now, but I’m an Alaska girl. And, as an Alaska girl, I know mosquitoes. I mean I KNOW mosquitoes. I texted this snapshot to my Sweetie this morning of a mosquito I caught mid-flight in my store. Due to the damp tundra and extended day light, mosquitoes grow VERY WELL in Alaska. And, most Alaskan’s are adept at catching those buggers with our bare hands! (We also make up epic bedtime stories about the adventures of “Whiney The Mosquito”…but that’s another post )

“I’ve still got IT!”

As with anything, mosquito “bite” prevention starts with the prevention of, well, mosquitoes.Print

-The life cycle of mosquitoes is fairly short – just 7-10 days.    It all starts with the “bite”, but, it’s really not a bite at all. You see, the term “bloodsuckers”is appropriate. Mama Mosquito injects an anticoagulant into our skin through her proboscis. Once we’ve received the anticoagulant, she withdraws (yes, sucks…Sorry, Mrs. O’Bryan 🙂 ) our blood. She needs your blood to nourish her eggs. Mama Mosquitoes lay eggs in still water, and within 2 days, those eggs have hatched and begin their life cycle.

What can you do to prevent a mosquito epidemic? The simple answer is get rid of all standing water around your home.  It only takes a little bit of water to act as a nursery for billions of mosquito larvae.

Where are the hidden mosquito nurseries around your home?
  • buckets
  • trash cans
  • old tires
  • toys/wagons
  • garden tools
  • bird baths
  • kiddie pools
  • clogged gutters
  • curbs
  • puddles under faucets

Think about it this way, the standing water in your yard today may be providing a warm, safe, nursery for the mosquito that will have you itching next week! Get rid of that water!

Unfortunately, we cannot thoroughly eliminate all mosquito nurseries, and will have to deal with adult mosquitoes. That’s where I, and Avon, can help.

Avon Skin So Soft Bug Guard Plus has several formulas to fit your needs, all DEET free! (Learn more about the dangers of DEET here.)

Bug Guard Plus ComparasionThe main ingredients in Avon’s Bug Guard Plus products (picaridin & IR3535) are both recommend and deemed safe for infants over 2 months old by the Centers For Disease Control.  Additionally, Bug Guard Plus Expedition includes SPF 28, or 30. Our Bug Guard Lotions contain SPF 30 and are water resistant.  It really works, folks.

If you need it today, we’ve got plenty in stock for you at our store in Richland Mall, “far-away” friends, click here to order! Protect yourself and those you love.

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For a fun rendition of “Ain’t No Bugs on Me” click here.


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