#hotairshow (not quite) ready! A cautionary tale.

Those of you I’m connected with on Facebook will recognize the photo above. My Sweetie and I had been planning our Day Date for March 18th to the HOT (Heart of Texas) Airshow for some time. We love planes and aviation history. And, this year, the USAF Thunderbirds would be there. We both grew up Air Force Brats, and he served in the Air Force for nearly 8 years. The roar of jet engines was the soundtrack of our youth. The day  was circled in red in our calendars.

As a woman of a “certain age” I should have a little more decorum,  but I was REALLY excited about the Airshow. Literally giddy like a school girl. Growing up on Air Force bases, Air Shows were a summer ritual. I remember standing in long lines, just to peek into the cockpit, or sit for just a minute in a helicopter. Even better, we could walk through DC10’s (a cargo plane). When the actual Airshow began, we’d gather on picnic blankets on the tarmac to brace for the rumble of jets. This year, I carefully planned my outfit (capri length jeans, light weight Air Force Blue t-shirt, bedazzled USA denim ball cap). I was ready.


Well, not quite. I protected my face (Avon True Color CC Cream, SPF 50), but in my excitement, I TOTALLY forgot to protect other delicate skin. Yes, it hurts. Yes, I know better, Yes, I have superior Avon products at home. I just didn’t use them. :-/ The picture to the left  was taken Monday evening.

What I should have used was ANEW CLINICAL

$36 each, available in store or online

SKINVINCIBLE Day Cream. It’s formulated with a broad spectrum sun protection factor (SPF) of 50, as well as an advanced antioxidant complex. Both Skinvincible Day and Night creams are specifically designed to combat environmental aggressors with. Like, oh you know, the SUN, and UV rays. Both are fragrance free. Both are also in my skin care arsenal at home. Yeah. So, now I’m “batting clean up”. I’m using the Skinvincible Deep Recovery Night Cream, multiple times a day :-),  in an effort to ease my tender skin back to health.  Hopefully, I won’t peel, I’ll likely freckle.

After my skin is healed, I’ll combat the sun spots, fine lines, and texture with ANEW 20170320_200546ExtraStrength Retexturizing Peel 3 times a week. The multi-acid complex is gentle and effective, with results comparable to a glycholic peel.  I’ll also add ANEW Absolute Even Multi Tone Skin Corrector twice a day.  I’m thankful for these products and the science and careful development behind them, but the fact remains, if I’d started with the Anew Skinvincible, I’d have saved myself a lot of pain, and a lot of product! (But, hey, I get it at a discount 😀 You can too! Click HERE to learn more.)

Saturday was beautiful. There were fluffy white clouds (but not too many), a gentle breeze, the smell of corn dogs and jet fuel. And, best of all, I spent the day with my Sweetie, and I’ve got a “gentle” reminder of our fun for a few extra days. Cool photos below.

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